A single hard drive has the capability to store thousands of GB of data on it. Nowadays, businesses require huge levels of storage. More often than not this data is sensitive or confidential, making it easy to see why there is such a need for destroying hard drives in a safe and secure manner.

Data breaches are any businesses worst nightmare and simply throwing away or archiving data is no longer a reliable method of disposal.

What we offer

Here at Cameo, we have the capability not only to wipe data but also to physically destroy hard drives with our new Shredder Machine! If your data cannot be wiped or this method alone is not sufficient enough for you, then this physical destruction offers customers full security in knowing that their data has been entirely destroyed

We can shred any 2.5 or 3.5 hard drive, HDD, tape or floppy disk CD using a 40mm cut. Furthermore, our machine has the capability to shred up to 400 hard drives per hour making the process fast and dynamic.

Why choose Cameo

We are Secure

We understand that customers may require an extra layer of security in knowing that their data has been wiped and shredded. Our engineers are DBS and NPPV 2 cleared, making us a safe and trustworthy choice.

We are Flexible

Not only can we shred your hard drives for you, but our shredder machine is mobile! This means that if required we can come to you and dispose of your data on sight, making this process convenient and dependable.

We are Sustainable

We are conscious of the effects of irresponsible waste disposal, so ensuring that our operations are as kind to the planet as possible is a priority. We make sure that we dispose of the strips in a sustainable manner and if required, can provide a certificate to confirm this.

So, in short, shredding is a great, low risk and stress free method of hard drive destruction and Cameo is the business to carry out the task for you.