People power

In order to achieve this we have a relatively simple approach to hiring our team, which is based primarily on whether or not we would be comfortable in talking to them on a daily basis. Would we be happy to receive a call from them? Would we want to pick up the phone? Of course there is much more to recruitment than liking someone and gut feel – but it’s a good start. Thereafter we check if they have the credentials that we’re looking for and once that’s ticked off we’re good to go. Attracting and retaining our team is central to our plans and we work hard to provide them with an environment and culture they enjoy and want to be a part of.

Speak or forever hold your peace

Emailing is not necessarily the most effective means by which to communicate. Blanket emailing, Sunday night batch emailing and emailing just before finishing for the day and swiftly closing down your machine is definitely not the way forward. We encourage our teams to speak with our customers, we encourage them to meet with our customers and engage with them face to face, voice to voice. There is so much more to learn about someone’s situation when you hear their voice or can see their expression – we encourage this as it allows our team to create empathy and understanding that will almost certainly be needed at some stage along the journey.

Ticking the boxes

We’re not here to just tick boxes – we’re here to provide solutions and make certain that everything is solved and that everything is sorted. Our Account Managers will check and check again that you have what you need and that your customer’s issues have been solved, fixed and signed off. They are here to help you in your business and you should consider them as part of your own team. They won’t let up until the job is done so please do not wait, contact them, contact us, pick up the phone (or email if you have to!) and we’ll be on it.

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