The term ‘compliance’ has vast implications across the modern IT channel. It refers to the obligation of partners to operate in line with government legislations which underpin many modern businesses, such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. However, it is also at the very core of a business’ responsibility to deliver the level of service and support that companies both expect and require from the vendors providing their IT solutions.

For service providers in the channel, service-level agreement (SLA) compliance defines the level of service you expect from a vendor, laying out the metrics by which service is measured, as well as remedies or penalties should agreed-on service levels fail to be achieved. It is a critical component of any technology vendor contract that protects customers who rightly expect a certain level of quality in what they pay for. As a result, it is paramount that service providers comply with SLAs in order to keep up in an incredibly competitive industry

At Cameo, we are determined to provide the most consistent, industry-leading, cutting-edge, secure and professional IT services to the channel. We’re proud to maintain 98.6% SLA compliance, delivering a premium service with complete focus on meeting customer requirements. With every service area delivered entirely by in-house teams, we provide a controlled and guaranteed hardware support service to resellers with quality assurance and compliance.

Our range of premier support and maintenance services include Hardware Support, Inventory Management, Secure Data Disposal, UPS Services and Hardware Supply, delivered by a team of 14 qualified engineers across the UK and Ireland.

We understand that dealing with multiple support companies to meet different requirements and expectations can be challenging and frustrating. That’s why we have developed a bespoke system, to provide our customers not only with a quality customer service experience from start to finish, but a network of accredited engineers that provide you with all your needs through our 360 support services. We focus on taking the responsibility of managing all of your needs in-house, ensuring complete control of our commitment and understanding to you. Ultimately, our end goal is to make the process as effortless as possible, utilising our expertise to meet your business needs.

Our SLAs are consistently completed in a timely manner, filling each customer with confidence from the first point of contact that support is there. Being focused on our customers every step of the way and exceeding SLAs allows our customers to maximise uptime. We offer a wide range of agreements that fit most customer needs, but we also have the ability to create more specific, bespoke SLAs to fit any business requirements.

Customers expect the best service that they can get, and we invest time and resources to ensure that we can meet the demand set by these agreements. To find out more about how our services can help you, please get in touch at, or call us on 0330 0584 224.