IT hardware has a huge impact on the environment. From the manufacturing process, to the actual use of devices, right through to the eventual disposal of equipment at end-of-life. Though many view the usage of devices throughout their lifecycle as the key contributor to CO2 emissions, the biggest problem is caused in the manufacturing process.

In fact, Apple reports that 83% of the lifetime carbon dioxide associated with the iPhone X actually comes from the manufacturing process. With that said, we also have growing problems at the other end, when disposing of IT devices. In 2018, organisations and consumers together produced 49.8 million metric tonnes of e-waste globally – roughly the same weight as 5,000 Eiffel Towers.

The world is producing too much CO2 in manufacturing IT equipment, all while creating too much e-waste at the same time. A huge concern with a surprisingly simple solution. We can actually solve both problems with one integral change, and that is through implementing a circular economy.

Recycling or repurposing our used devices to be given a second lifecycle not only lowers global e-waste levels, but it also removes the demand for brand new devices to be manufactured, significantly lowering the amount of CO2 emitted into the Earth’s atmosphere when producing IT equipment.


The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at Cameo, we are committed to providing a comprehensive service for our clients while having as little impact on the environment as we can. Our team can provide a complete audit trail of any recycled and repurposed equipment, which can be used within your own Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies.

CSR is vital for any business – for various reasons. Other than the fact that being socially responsible is the right thing to do for the planet, it also gives your organisation a big advantage when it comes to competing for new business, retaining and even attracting staff.

CSR has become a top priority for many, and with a correct approach to Secure Data Sanitisation (SDS), businesses can ensure that they’re fully compliant, following the latest legislation and contributing to efforts in environmental awareness and protection.


To recycle or resell?

At Cameo, we provide a comprehensive recycling service for all disposed IT hardware and assets. Our team will ensure that every element of your hardware that can be recycled is properly assessed and processed. Within hardware, there are many elements that can be recycled – from plastics used in casings and fixings, to precious metals found on motherboards. Our team of experts operates from bonded warehouses, and will ensure that your products are recycled correctly.

SDS goes hand in hand with recycling, and even hard disk shredding provides an opportunity for repurposing. We recycle IT hardware at every opportunity, and when it can be properly cleaned, sanitised and refurbished, we do everything in our power to either resell equipment or charitably donate it to a good cause. Our team is always on hand to advise on the appropriate method of recycling. We’ll provide all credible options for recycling and repurposing your assets.

As part of our service, we’ll identify any hardware and assets that can be repurposed and even resold. Many industries can benefit from recycled hardware and the trade market for recycled IT only continues to grow as a result of more robust machinery and newer technologies.

If reselling is important to you and you would like this to form part of your Secure Data Sanitisation process, please talk with our team today who can advise on all options. We can manage the entire resell process from beginning to end, not only providing the optimum solution to your recycling, but also returning revenue to your business.