Now more than ever, modern businesses are heavily reliant on high-performing IT hardware and ultimately, the infrastructure that both powers and connects these devices. From the most robust data centres right down to the laptops on which staff work every day, power is at the heart of day-to-day operations and businesses simply cannot afford to be without it if they are to remain both productive and competitive. Further still, they almost certainly cannot risk a potential loss of business and data at the hands of an unexpected power outage.

A stable power supply is therefore critical to any successful modern enterprise. With this inevitably comes a greater need for the provision of sophisticated Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) services to deliver crucial battery backup when electrical power fails and meet the ever growing need for seamless business continuity.

Proving the Value of UPS

UPS is now becoming a fundamental service to the modern IT reseller, many of which are increasingly looking to build UPS Support and Maintenance capabilities into their value-add services. Yet, whilst an essential requirement for any business operating in today’s IT-centric landscape, specialist UPS services are still relatively rare across the hardware support industry.

This is down to a number of factors. For example, many businesses still neglect UPS, as power failures can be infrequent. However, the demand for seamless enterprise IT experiences is constantly growing and in order to provide a comprehensive support solution and ensure compliance with SLAs, it is critical that a properly specified UPS support package has been considered. But what exactly does effective UPS support mean for today’s Value-Add Resellers (VARs)?

Modern UPS support and maintenance should encapsulate the entire life cycle of a battery and deliver a constant and effective power supply which can be relied upon whenever issues or periods of unforeseen downtime occur. Here at Cameo, we offer a full in-house UPS Support and Maintenance service, which include the provision and installation of new batteries, as well as the disposal of used batteries. In order to deliver 360 support, resellers should also look to introduce battery backup support, providing the devices needed to keep customers up and running during any unwanted downtime.

Confidence in Support

As with any value-add service, IT resellers must ensure that the UPS support is delivered to the highest possible standard. When it comes to UPS, you could even argue that this need is intensified, given just how fundamental power is to the overall success of almost every business today. Ensuring the services are conducted by experts in the field with the ability to identify issues when they occur will enable partners to resolve them both quickly and with minimal impact to their customer’s overall productivity.

Working with qualified and accredited industry partners can ultimately provide VARs with the knowledge and experience required to deliver continuous power support and keep customers operating at their maximum potential. At Cameo, we understand that the unpredictable nature of power needs to be met with an around-the-clock UPS support for modern businesses.

That’s why our team of in-house support engineers and battery technicians are trained across a platform of power back-up brands, covering both parts and engineering support providing a one-call service for installation, maintenance and disposal. By placing specialist UPS within the core of our services, we can help channel partners to diversify their support offering and ultimately, meet the power needs of every end user as reliance on sophisticated hardware rapidly increases.

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