Asset Repair is a service which is designed to help both people and the planet. It is a 24/7 service which eliminates the need for spending on new devices, with the potential to bring damaged assets back to life. 


Why now?

During the middle of the pandemic last year, our Revenue Team Leader established demand for repairing devices such as laptops and phones with a customer. We were determined to adapt to the environment and find a way to both sell and help our customers. 

Asset repair was created as the perfect solution to benefit businesses at a time where cash management was absolutely critical. Additionally, it has enabled thousands of people to work from home safely and efficiently during this difficult time, which in turn can have a positive impact on so many more. Most importantly, it is a sustainable project that can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint. We are at a point with Global Warming where we must act now! The IT Industry has a huge problem with waste and so we wanted to develop a service which not only benefited our customers, but the environment too. Asset repair does all of this and a year on, it has been hugely successful.



“We invested heavily…”

In order to deliver this service we needed to ensure we had the capability to maintain our high quality standard of customer service. In order to do this, we invested heavily. We took on more staff in order to ensure we had the workforce to continue our in-house guarantee on all services and now have our own in-house team consisting of 8 Test Engineers. We offer a secure delivery/collection logistics model and have expanded on the manufacturers we service; hand held devices.


“Companies are too quick to write assets off as obsolete”

There is increasing pressure on businesses in IT to reduce their waste. Companies are too quick to write assets off as obsolete due to the fast paced nature of the industry in bringing out new products and rendering the old ones outdated and ‘not worth it’. The ‘Right to Repair’ act signed by the EU government at the end of last year should increase this as the European Commission is able to start developing and implementing laws on extending product lifetime on items such as laptops and phones. Our Asset Repair service could not be more fitting with this movement and we are really pushing for this to be the norm.


Go Green!

We have designed this service to be as green as possible. 100% of items we receive are used, nothing goes to landfill. Anything that is beyond repair is recycled, broken down and reused, even difficult items like broken glass! As a result we have repaired 5000 devices since launching the service, which has saved our customers buying new, reducing the resources they use and ultimately their carbon footprint.


Asset Repair truly is a win win.

It makes a difference to the impact our industry has on the planet whilst offering businesses an extra incentive to reduce their waste and carbon output by also reducing their costs! This service has been a huge focus for us this year. We have been promoting it with the hope that more businesses will choose to repair rather than buy new.


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