Just that, they are all ours! Cameo’s engineers are 100% in-house.

Cameo Doesn’t Share Engineers

Our priority is to provide our customers with a seamless service. Our in-house guarantee means we oversee the entirety of the process and gives us full control of every single contract that we have.

As part of this, we have our own in-house team of engineers. Having full visibility ensures that we not only get the job done, but we do it well! Our investment in both our engineers and our forward stocking locations (FSLs) means that we have achieved a 98.6% SLA compliance rate. Yes, you read that right! We have invested heavily in both our field engineers and our support engineers to bring our customers 24/7 support. Our support line goes directly through to engineers with expert knowledge who are able to diagnose the issue there and then. This is what makes our customer journey so efficient.


Specialised and Dedicated

Naturally, we want to provide our customers and partners with the highest level of service possible. We have invested in a team of electrical engineers to ensure we can manage specialised services such as UPS. Our dedicated UPS Engineer Jon Hutchinson has over 15 years worth of experience in the field – check out his episode in our ‘Ask the Expert’ series here.

In 2020 we implemented a new service (which I’m sure you’ve heard us raving about by now), called Asset Repair. We both hired and upskilled current employees to ensure we had the capability and resources to maintain our usual standards. This investment has truly paid off with over 5000 devices fixed since we started!


Here for a Long Time

Cameo have been around for over 30 years now, since 1989 and some of our engineers can nearly match that! Our longest serving engineer, Richard Tarlton joined the business back in 1997. He offers unrivalled knowledge and experience to our customers. Several of our Field Engineers are also long standing members of Team C and have helped us strengthen and build trusting relationships with our partners.


In short, we would like to give a massive shoutout to our amazing engineers. We are obviously biased, but they embody everything we are about and continue to deliver the Cameo difference, particularly through what has been a tough 18 months. So remember, Cameo doesn’t share engineers, and there’s a good reason why!