After what feels like forever, award season is upon us and with the dreaded c word preventing us from celebrating last year, we can’t be the only ones making up for lost time. 


Showing Off (just a little)

Despite the pandemic continuing to disrupt the economy, our personal lives and business, it has been a great year for Cameo. We have received no fewer than 30 nominations across six separate awards for our business as a whole, team efforts and individuals within Team C. 

These nominations have been across a wide range of different categories from leadership and rising star awards, to more specific channel awards for our white labelling. We were particularly excited to receive nominations for The Tech Impact awards (new this year), which celebrated businesses within the channel taking steps to be more responsible and sustainable. Not only was this for a cause close to our hearts, but to be named finalists next to some big names in the channel as a white label service provider was amazing recognition. It was also hugely exciting to be shortlisted for Small/Medium Business of the Year outside of the channel in the Lloyds Bank British Business Excellence awards, which celebrates British Business at its finest. 

We also wanted to give a massive shoutout to our very own Maisie Bradley who won Computing Rising Star’s Entrepreneur of the Year. The judges said it was “A great story from a young entrepreneur determined not to sit out the pandemic, but instead do something for her company and its customers.”

Anyway, you get the picture, there’s been a lot to shout about this year, thank you for allowing us to brag for a minute. 


Credit Where Credit is Due

For us, awards aren’t just something that makes us look good, (although this is a great bonus) but the perfect way to say thank you to the people who made it happen. To the legends that are Team C, a huge amount of hard work and dedication has gone into the past year. There have been big changes at Cameo, new processes, new environment, new people. Everything has been taken in their stride, knowing that we are working towards the same goal and growing together as one team. Award season has been the perfect opportunity to let our hair down and celebrate our hard work, British business and our incredible industry. 

Looking to Next Year

It has been inspiring to be surrounded by some incredible professionals, especially those whose efforts are helping us tackle issues like diversity and sustainability. What a way to finish a tough but brilliant year, in short the future’s looking bright!