At Cameo, we like to think of ourselves as the IT Channel’s best kept secret. But no longer! Our priority is to make sure that our customers, partners and their end users receive the best service possible. So we’re going to tell you the key reasons why we think you should be utilising TPMs and we’re sure we’re the one for you.


What’s the Difference?

First things first…

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs) make systems or components that are used in another company’s end product.

Third Party Maintainers (TPMs) provide a range of services that help companies work smarter and more efficiently.


Why TPM?


TPMs are significantly more affordable. Where OEMs want to sell you new equipment and components, we offer you cover on your current hardware which means you are only paying for the services you need. What’s more we prolong the life of equipment which works, rather than encouraging you to replace it unnecessarily which benefits the planet as well as your pocket! 


Although specifically we have 6 core service offerings, our job is to support our customers and their hardware, so we will tailor our service to best meet your needs. They can be added to and expanded upon at any time as we have the scope, resources and expertise to flex with the demands of your business. As a TPM we have the flexibility to do this, whereas OEMs tend to opt for a more ‘one size fits all’ approach.


Now we know this all sounds great but it means nothing if the service doesn’t meet the high standards that customers and partners require. So It’s important to note that despite our very affordable pricing, we will never compromise on quality. We have an unwavering focus on delivering products and services that are fit-for-purpose, entirely efficient and serviced with meticulously detailed and tested processes.


We’ve made it clear that we think TPMs are a great choice when it comes to managing your hardware needs. We know we’re slightly biased but when it comes to hardware support, we’re confident that Cameo will be the right answer for you!